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Tax inversion: Have it your way?

Burger King’s potential move to the Great White North brings to the surface the issue of greedy corporations leaving the U.S. for tax breaks. Ed Schultz and Rep. Chris Van Hollen discuss.

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Joe Biden Rallies for the Middle Class

Joe Biden Rallies for the Middle Class

Vice President Joe Biden rallied hundreds of union workers on Labor Day, saying he believes all American Workers deserve a…
Cantor Headed to Wall Street

Cantor Headed to Wall Street

Former House Majority Leader Eric Canter is taking his talents to Wall Street. Canto is planning to join investment firm…

‘Red’ governors are feeling ‘blue’

Republican governors across the country face tough re-election fights, showing the shifting direction of traditionally “red” states. Ed Schultz, Mayor Virg Bernero and Adam Green discuss.

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Google Introduces Project Wing: Likely another Publicity Stunt

The idea of autonomous flying devilry systems sounds awesome. But they are so far away with FAA rules and safety concerns so I won’t hold my breath that we will see this anytime soon. It is nice to think there may be a day when you order something at your computer and hours later it is dropped on your head.

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